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September 29, 2006 by Political Insane Asylum
I'm sure everyone heard about the big interview with Clinton on FOX news and how he blew up on Joe Walsh. Do you believe this guy going off on a reporter just asking him simple questions. Sounds to me like someone made some big mistakes and doesn't know how to answer for them in a calmer type of demeanor. This is a guy who had the ability to prevent a major attack on America and failed to act, now look at us.
September 28, 2006 by Political Insane Asylum
I might as well tell you all that I am a conservitive. One thing that has really been getting under my skin is the Bush bashing from the liberal media. Do you think that any of them can do any better of a job with what Bush was handed when he took office. First, he inherited an economy already heading into a resession and then the attacks on 9/11. Lets take a look at Iraq, for about 12 years we "America" set up sanctions and no fly zones etc... Now this was costing millions of dollars per y...